Safewalls OneCoat Anti-Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant

Anti-viral fire protection for painted walls in a single coat.

Kills Coronavirus, influenza and bacteria fast.

Flamespread and toxic smoke protection to safest standards Class B s1 d0 and old Class 0.


  • Historic BS381, BS4800 & RAL colours

  • Thermoguard Select colours 1>48

Fire Rating

  • EN Class B s1 do

  • Class O
  • Class 1


ANTI-VIRAL SMOKE & FLAME RETARDANT MATT & SATIN is a highly effective coating solution designed to provide both decorative finishes and enhanced fire protection for walls and ceilings. Here’s a detailed description of the product:

Key Benefits:

Decorative finish applied over Safewalls Insulating Basecoat.
Offers protection against low-risk Class 1, moderate Class 2 risk, to high-risk Class 4 multi-layer painted walls and ceilings.
Compliant with BS EN Class B s1 d0 standards, providing protection against toxic smoke, flaming droplets, and flamespread/insulation.
Demonstrated effectiveness against viruses and bacteria, including a 91.5% reduction in Coronavirus in 2 hours and a 99.9% reduction in bacteria in 24 hours.
Available in a range of colors including NCS, RAL, BS4800, BS381, and Thermoguard Select.
Can be used externally in two coats without the insulating basecoat for Class s1 smoke.
Can be used as part of a system to achieve 30 or 60-minute fire resistance.
How it Works:

The Safewalls Insulating basecoat expands in a fire to create a resilient insulating barrier.
The Safewalls Anti-Viral Smoke and Flame Retardant emits a safe fire-damping vapor in a fire to control flame spread and suppress smoke.
The product’s polyurethane-hardened acrylic “cross-links” during the drying process to form a smoother, harder, and more cleanable surface.
The coating contains biocidal metal encapsulated nanoparticles that attack viruses and bacteria, damaging their protective envelopes and killing their live cores.
Fire Test:

Tested to BS EN Class B s1 d0 standards over 10, 14, and 20 coats of various wall paint types used in buildings.
Microbial Test:

Demonstrated effectiveness against viruses and bacteria in approved UK Microbiology Laboratories.
Pack Sizes:

Available in 25 sqm and 50 sqm pack sizes to aid correct application.
VOC Content Composition:

Low VOC content meeting EU limits.

Safewalls Insulating Basecoat must be clean and fully hard dry before application.

Apply one good coat over Safewalls Insulating Basecoat using brush, roller, or spray methods.
Ensure coverage is applied as per can instructions.

A project and area-specific Certificate are available after due diligence via the Thermoguard website.
Overall, SAFEWALLS ANTI-VIRAL SMOKE & FLAME RETARDANT MATT & SATIN offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing fire safety and reducing microbial contamination on walls and ceilings. Its decorative finishes and proven effectiveness against viruses and bacteria make it an ideal choice for various environments.

Technical Data Sheet

Safewalls Anti-Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant TDS

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