Thermocoat S

Thermoguard Thermocoat S is a premium intumescent paint system engineered to provide up to 90 minutes of fire resistance for structural steel and cast iron. Its advanced technology forms an insulating char layer during fires, maintaining structural integrity. With versatile application methods, comprehensive support, and rigorous certification, Thermocoat S ensures reliable fire protection for diverse building needs.


Versatile Protection:

Thermoguard Thermocoat S serves as a versatile solution for protecting both exterior and interior steel structures. Externally, it is specifically formulated for exposed steel that isn’t prone to pooling water, ensuring durability and longevity in various weather conditions. Internally, it is adept at safeguarding universal beams, columns, and other open section steel components, offering comprehensive protection throughout the building.

Advanced Intumescent Technology:

The cornerstone of Thermoguard Thermocoat S lies in its advanced intumescent technology, which provides exceptional fire resistance. During a fire event, the paint undergoes a chemical reaction, expanding to form an insulating char layer that can be up to 50 times the thickness of the applied paint. This char layer effectively insulates the steel, preventing it from reaching critical temperatures and thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the building for up to 90 minutes.

Application Flexibility:

Thermocoat S offers flexibility in application methods, accommodating various project requirements and preferences. Whether applied with a brush, roller, or airless spray, the paint ensures consistent and reliable performance. For optimal results in terms of efficiency and finish quality, spray application is recommended. Additionally, the paint’s certification to BS 476 Part 21 standards ensures that it delivers reliable fire resistance, providing peace of mind to architects, engineers, and building owners.

Comprehensive Support:

The commitment to customer support extends beyond product quality. Thermoguard offers comprehensive technical assistance to guide customers through the application process and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. From detailed advice on surface preparation to assistance with certification requirements, the technical team is readily available to address any queries or concerns. Moreover, the provision of Certificates of Supply post-application facilitates documentation for insurance, regulatory, and record-keeping purposes.

Surface Preparation & Specification:

Thermoguard emphasizes the importance of thorough surface preparation to ensure optimal performance of Thermocoat S. Proper surface preparation, including the removal of rust and millscale and the application of a suitable primer, is essential for achieving long-lasting fire protection. Detailed specifications provided by the technical department guide users through the application process, ensuring adherence to recommended film thicknesses and application methods based on project-specific requirements.

Application Conditions:

To guarantee the effectiveness of Thermocoat S, specific application conditions must be met. Maximum relative humidity, minimum ambient temperature, and minimum steel temperature requirements are outlined to ensure proper curing and adhesion of the paint. Additionally, detailed recommendations for spray equipment, including filter size and tip sizes, optimize application efficiency and quality, further enhancing the overall performance of the product.

Product Composition:

Thermocoat S’s composition is carefully engineered to deliver optimal fire resistance and aesthetic appeal. Intumescent compounds and resin binders provide the necessary expansion and insulating properties, while high-opacity pigments ensure a uniform and visually appealing finish. With a VOC content below regulatory limits, the paint not only meets stringent performance standards but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Fire Testing and Certification:

Thermoguard’s commitment to quality is validated through rigorous fire testing and certification processes. Certified to BS 476 Part 21 standards by UKAS/EGOLF Fire Test Laboratory, Thermocoat S undergoes thorough performance assessments to ensure compliance with fire resistance requirements for load-bearing elements of structures. The availability of certification documentation post-application further demonstrates Thermoguard’s dedication to transparency and accountability.

Contact Information:

For customers seeking detailed specification advice, application guidance, or certification documentation, Thermoguard provides multiple channels of communication. Whether through direct contact with the technical team or inquiries via email or phone, customers can access the support and information they need to confidently incorporate Thermocoat S into their fire protection strategies.

In summary, Thermoguard Thermocoat S is not just a fire protection paint; it’s a comprehensive solution engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, versatility, and peace of mind in safeguarding structural steel and cast iron elements against fire hazards. From its advanced intumescent technology to its comprehensive support services, Thermocoat S exemplifies Thermoguard’s commitment to excellence in fire protection solutions.

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