SafeWood Satinwood Anti-Viral Varnish

Fire Rating

  • Class B s2 d0


Thermoguard Safewood Satinwood Anti-Viral Varnish is a decorative and protective
clear satin finish applied over Safewood systems and Thermoguard Fire Varnish

Basecoat. For the Matt version see SafeWood MattWood Varnish.

Unless protected with a treatment to kill enveloped coronaviruses, flu and bacteria, hand contact
with doors, frames, window sills and other wood create a potential infection risk.

Satinwood destroys the casing on “enveloped” viruses leading to rapid disintegration, disrupts the
breeding and causes disintegration of bacteria.

• For Doors, Sills & Trim

• Kills Coronavirus, influenza and bacteria fast

• Forms part of a system for protecting wood
and wood-based boards against fire

• Fire Rating: BS EN Class B s2 dO
over Fire Varnish Basecoat

• Satinwood controls toxic smoke
and flaming particles

• For virus and bacteria
protection apply 2 coats

• 99% bacteria reduction in 4 hours

• 4% Coronavirus reduction in 2 hours

• Available in Clear and 11

Thermoguard Transparent

Fire Rating:
• EN Class B s2 d0
with basecoat

• Satin

• Clear & Woodstains

• 10m2
• 30m2

Technical Data Sheet

Safewood Anti-Viral Satinwood TDS

Health & Safety Data Sheet

Clear: ThermoCLPSafewoodSatinwoodClear090822

Paint: ThermoCLPSafewoodSatinwoodPaint080822